Vampires are undead creatures of the night cursed with thirst for blood, vulnerability to sunlight and immortality. Vampires have no pulse, no heartbeat and do not need to breathe; but blood (vitae) still flows through their body.

Low-caliber bullets do very little harm to the vampire, enabling them to shrug off most small-arms fire as well as the majority of blunt force trauma they may receive. Vampires are vulnerable to higher caliber weaponry, slashing damage and fire, however.

Many vampires allude to the compulsions of their vampiric nature, personifying them as "the beast" - a term for the thirst, fear and hatred a vampire experiences. Killing and otherwise harming humans grievously causes the vampire to distance from humanity and drift further into the control of the beast. At lower levels of self-control, the vampire may lose control of their urges entirely and undergo frenzy.

Commonly referred to by other vampires as Kindred, vampires come in differing Bloodlines or "clans" depending on the bloodline of the one who embraced the vampire, whom is referred to as their sire:


In Vampire the Masquerade: there are a number of different types of Vampire known as "clans" - bloodlines passed on from generation to generation, each carrying a unique set of strengths, weaknesses and supernatural powers known as "disciplines".

Because each clan tends to embrace like-minded individuals, a culture builds within that group and stereotypes are frequently developed of each. Some clans prefer uniformity, others value individuality and still others enforce an almost rigid conformity.

Normally there are only seven clans known to "civilised" vampire society, but due to recent events two rare clans have emerged and forged an unstable alliance with the seven that comprise the orthodox vampire sect known as the Camarilla. At best they are distrusted and at worst they are loathed, but each of these obscure bloodlines has a vital role to play in these nights - or, at the very least, in the palm of the Camarilla elders.

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